MS COVID-19 Meeting – April 8 2020

On 8 April Hosted by Anne-Katrin Proebstel (CH), Bruce Bebo (US), Jeff Cohen (US), Magd Zakaria (EG), Mar Tintore (ES), Celine Louapre (FR) Jan Hillert (Sweden), Richard Nicholas (UK), Kerstin Hellwig (DE), Maria Trojano (IT), Maria Pia Sormani (IT), Liesbet Peeters (MS Global Data Sharing Initiative), and Ellen Mowry (US) shared with us registry updates and further COVID-19 case information.


Please note, these videos are intended for a medical and scientific audience for educational purposes. All Registries collecting data on COVID-19 patients have been approved by research ethics committees/IRBs. Data are anonymised, no personal patient information is presented.