MS COVID-19 Meeting – April 15 2020

Our April 15/16 meeting was hosted by Emmanuelle Waubant. Speakers included Jan Hillert (SE), Celine Louapre (FR), Magd Zakaria (EG), Marco Aurélio Lana Peixoto (BR), Amber Salter (US), Ellen Mowry (US), Jeff Cohen (US), Maria Trojano (IT), Nick Rijke (MSIF), Mar Tintore (ES), Kerstin Hellwig (DE), Lauren Krupp (US), Miriam Mattoscio (UK), Aksel Siva (TR).
Globally, we estimate that there are ~600 people with MS who have been infected with COVID-19. Discussions included progress of MS COVID-19 Registries, sharing of preliminary MS COVID-19 registry data, information on pediatric cases, DMT use strategies in the context of COVID-19 particularly cladribine.


Please note, these videos are intended for a medical and scientific audience for educational purposes. All Registries collecting data on COVID-19 patients have been approved by research ethics committees/IRBs. Data are anonymised, no personal patient information is presented.