MS COVID-19 Meeting – May 6 2020

Our May 6/7 meeting was hosted by Dr. Georgina Arrambide. We welcomed Heinz Wiendl (DE) who spoke about MS, COVID-19 and B-cell depleting therapies. Anneke Van der Walt (AU) presented data on Australian and New Zealand MS COVID-19 patients; and presented the MSBase Registry effort to capture MS COVID-19 patient data. Maria Pia Sormani (IT) presented the latest data from the MuSC-19 Registry. Finally Cerlia Oreja-Guevara gave an update on the Spanish MS COVID-19 registry data.


Please note, these videos are intended for a medical and scientific audience for educational purposes. All Registries collecting data on COVID-19 patients have been approved by research ethics committees/IRBs. Data are anonymised, no personal patient information is presented.