MS COVID-19 Meeting – May 13 2020

Our May 13/14 meeting was hosted by Fabienne Brillot. We welcomed David Baker (UK) who spoke about the biology of COVID-19 in relation to MS therapies. Dr Baker has co-authored a paper found here, describing what he discussed today. Nick Rijke representing MSIF, updated us regarding the MS Data Alliance MS COVID-19 Registry effort. Jan Hillert (SE) gave an update on MS COVID-19 cases from the Swedish Register.  Celine Louapre (FR) with updates from the French Registry including both MS and NMOSD patients. Amber Salter (COViMS Registry). Lauren Krupp (USA) presents the latest data from New York.


Please note, these videos are intended for a medical and scientific audience for educational purposes. All Registries collecting data on COVID-19 patients have been approved by research ethics committees/IRBs. Data are anonymised, no personal patient information is presented.