MS COVID-19 Meeting – July 15 2020

The iWiMS July 15 2020 COVID-19 meeting hosted was hosted by Fabienne Brillot. We heard an update from Celine Louapre (French Registry), specifically talking about COVID-19 in people with NMOSD. Amber Salter (COViMS Registry US) gave an update on the US experience. Both speakers spoke to comorbidities, and treatment impacts. The formal talks were followed […]

MS COVID-19 Meeting – June 17 2020

In the June 17 iWiMS COVID-19 update Dr Ruth Dobson (QMUL, UK) asks the question: What role does VitaminD play in COVID-19 outcomes? Dr Kate Fitzgerald (JHU, USA) presents data from a collaborative effort with Cemcat looking at predictors of COVID-19 infection in people with MS. Louise Rath, clinical nurse consultant at Aflred Health (AU) […]

MS COVID-19 Meeting – June 3 2020

After a fortnight break, Anne-Katrin Pröbstel hosts latest COVID-19 meeting. We welcomed Sandra Amor (The Netherlands) who gave an update on innate immune evasion by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We also had updates from three registries including: Celine Louapre (FR) – French MS COVID-19 Registry, Afagh Garjani (UK) – UK MS Register, Amber Salter (US) – […]

MS COVID-19 Meeting – May 13 2020

Our May 13/14 meeting was hosted by Fabienne Brillot. We welcomed David Baker (UK) who spoke about the biology of COVID-19 in relation to MS therapies. Dr Baker has co-authored a paper found here, describing what he discussed today. Nick Rijke representing MSIF, updated us regarding the MS Data Alliance MS COVID-19 Registry effort. Jan Hillert […]

MS COVID-19 Meeting – May 6 2020

Our May 6/7 meeting was hosted by Dr. Georgina Arrambide. We welcomed Heinz Wiendl (DE) who spoke about MS, COVID-19 and B-cell depleting therapies. Anneke Van der Walt (AU) presented data on Australian and New Zealand MS COVID-19 patients; and presented the MSBase Registry effort to capture MS COVID-19 patient data. Maria Pia Sormani (IT) […]

MS COVID-19 Meeting – April 22 2020

Our April 22/23 meeting was hosted by Marwa Kasey. We welcomed Jeffrey Bennett who explained the immunological aspects of COVID-19 and issues related to MS therapies. Data from China presented by Fu-Dong Shi (China). Lauren Krupp presents updates from New York, and reassuring data on pediatric COVID-19 MS cases. Further updates from Celine Louapre (France), […]

MS COVID-19 Meeting – April 15 2020

Our April 15/16 meeting was hosted by Emmanuelle Waubant. Speakers included Jan Hillert (SE), Celine Louapre (FR), Magd Zakaria (EG), Marco Aurélio Lana Peixoto (BR), Amber Salter (US), Ellen Mowry (US), Jeff Cohen (US), Maria Trojano (IT), Nick Rijke (MSIF), Mar Tintore (ES), Kerstin Hellwig (DE), Lauren Krupp (US), Miriam Mattoscio (UK), Aksel Siva (TR).Globally, […]