Scientific and Clinical Interest Groups

What are iWiMS scientific interest groups?

In order to facilitate and foster scientific collaborations and exchange among iWiMS members, we created scientific interest groups within iWiMS. Each interest group is (co-)lead by iWiMS members. Quarterly virtual meetings are held with presentations from iWiMS members and invited speakers enabling scientific exchange across different geographic regions and timezones. Meeting times and topics will be posted on the webpage ahead of time.


To participate in one or more scientific interest groups, please contact the respective scientific group leads listed below. For general questions about the scientific interest groups or proposals for new interest group topics, please contact Dr. Anne-Katrin Pröbstel.

Rehabilitation/Wellness/Quality of Life

Rebecca Maguire –
Michelle Ploughman –

Women’s Health/Pregnancy

Kerstin Hellwig –

NMOSD/MOG Antibody-associated disease

Jacqueline Palace –
Nasrin Asgari –, Romina Mariano –


Sara Collorone –
Silbermann, Elizabeth –
Jen Graves –

Neuroimmunology/Neuroinflammation/Blood-Brain Barrier/Neuropathology/Animal model

Jacqueline Quandt –
Hedwich Kuipers –
Mireya Fernández-Fournier –


Seema Kaushalya Tiwari-Woodruff –
Jennifer L. Orthmann-Murphy –
Lindsey Wooliscroft –


Antje Bischof –
Burcu Zeydan –
Corree Laule –

Genetics and Genomics

Vicky Maltby –

Epidemiology/Real world evidence/Observational studies/Environmental &Lifestyle Factor

Kaarina Kowalec –
Ethel Ciampi –


Sarah Morrow –
Anisha Doshi –

Clinical Research, Trials

Kristen Krysko –
Anneke van der Walt –

Pediatric Demyelinating Disease

Yael Hacohen –
Amy Waldman –

Clinical Neurology

Barbara Giesser –
Charo Blasco –
Ayse Altintas –


Tamara Castillo-Triviño –
Luisa Maria Villar –