We Congratulate Professor Catherine Lubetzki from the ICM Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière, France, winner of the 2019 Charcot Award.
Prof Lubetzki will give this year’s Charcot Lecture at ECTRIMS in Stockholm.

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The International Women in MS (iWiMS) was born from a desire to foster a supportive and inspirational community for women in the field of MS (and related disorders), for both clinical and research purposes.  This desire struck a chord in many, and after a first informal meeting at the American Academy of Neurology in April of 2018, the word spread quickly and globally and now resonates as a reality.  iWiMS has grown to more than 200 members from over 25 countries and is continually expanding.  iWiMS intends to create bridges between junior and senior investigators, roads between peers, and avenues across various parts of the world.

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